About Zencore Management Services

Zencore Management Services LLP is a boutique management consulting firm focusing on improving client’s business performance. Zencore believes that adequate knowledge complemented with inspired effort results in positive change and better performance. We define success as a step-up change in our Clients' organizational knowledge and performance.

We train and consult in various business improvement methodologies and tools such as Six Sigma, Lean, ISO Management System Standards, SPC, Quality Tools, etc. However, we believe that every organization is different and will benefit only through a customised implementation of relevant methodologies and tools. Change and Improvement are driven by people. Our approach ensures that people (change agents and others) are informed and engaged at all stages of the assignment. We spend time upfront understanding the organization’s business and culture before embarking on the actual assignment. We respect our Client's business knowledge and supplement them with our expertise and time.

Our Clients