About the Course

This three-day intensive program is designed to train participants in leading as well as conducting internal audits of Management Systems. In addition, it also provides specific knowledge and understanding on how management systems can be effective in achieving organizational goals.
The program comprises tutorials, discussions, case exercises and examination to ensure participants’ technical understanding of specific management system models (e.g. ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 45000, etc.) and auditing them.

Course Contents
  • Introduction Management System models
  • Management System Principles
  • Review of Management System model and Auditing Standard requirements
  • Planning and Preparation for internal audits
  • Auditing Styles
  • Report Writing
  • Auditor Traits
  • Case Exercises
  • Formal Examination.
Target Audience
  • Professionals facilitating the implementation of management system models
  • Internal Auditors of management system models.