Our facilitation assistance for effective implementation of management system models comprises the following. The organization may choose to take all or some of these facilitation services based on their need.

Sr.No Service Objective
1 Gap Analysis Understanding your current management system and identifying gaps with respect to the identified management system model
(i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, etc.)
2 Senior Management Workshops To understand the context for implementing management system and developing policies and objectives.
3 Training To create awareness and capability within the organization in designing, documenting and auditing management systems
4 Documenting the Management System Align the current documentation, create new ones where appropriate and ensure adequate documentation of the knowledge system.
5 Implementation Workshops Working with each function or department to create action plans for implementing the management system.
6 Implementation Support Periodic reviews of the implementation plans and support in addressing implementation challenges.
7 Auditing Support Support the first round of internal audits post training to ensure effective audits of the system.
8 Pre-Certification Audit A formal audit of the Management System model to ascertain the adequacy and readiness for Certification.
9 Sustenance Audits A customized audit program to periodically review the efficacy of the management system.